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Be your best self 

for your kids.

Our Team


Michael Daniels, CEO

As a separated father of two young children, Michael found himself overwhelmed by the legal, financial and emotional costs of divorce on his family. After 20 years in the homebuilding industry, Michael hung up his hard hat to create a tool that would not just improve his family’s life, but would also help the other 55 million divorced co-parents in the US. Despite his success on the Apple tv show "Planet of the Apps" and partnering with Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael's guiding light remains the same: working everyday to be his best self for his kids. 


Gwyneth Paltrow, Head Advisor

While filming "Planet of the Apps" Michael met one of the leading figures in honest, considerate, and communicative separations: Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwyneth identified with and deeply supported Michael’s mission to make co-parenting a better experience for the good of the entire family. Together, they launch Fayr as a platform to create a more constructive and transparent experience for themselves, their fellow co-parents and, most importantly, for their children. 

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Lindsey Witmer Collins


Lindsey Witmer Collins is passionate about creating products with a positive impact. As the founder of LWC App Studio, she brings her experience launching over 70 apps, including some that have debuted as iTunes #1s and graced the pages of Oprah Magazine. She is honored to contribute to Fayr and to bring her development team along with her.




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Nikoleta Angelova


Nikoleta Angelova is a strategy and business development leader with a passion for innovation, early stage startup trails, and ROI. She started her career on Wall Street as an investment banker at Citi Bank and special situations portfolio for HIG Capital. Employing her analytical skills and love for partnership building, she has directed strategy and financial planning at an e-commerce PE turnaround and helped launch an early stage biotech product. Nikoleta majored in finance and economics at Boston College. She was born and raised in communist Bulgaria. 

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Sean Michael Lewis


Sean Michael Lewis, a single father, quickly found Fayr to be a valuable resource to communicate with his coparent. Sean brings over 15 years of sales and marketing experience, with a huge emphasis on social media. In 2015, he founded Tier Level Digital Media which is a niched based marketing agency for service based companies. He is also the host of LevelUp.Business on iTunes, which is a podcast that focuses on Business, Marketing, Sales and more. 



Fayr knows what co-parents need, because we've been there too.


About Fayr

Fayr was born out of two desires: to become a better co-parent, and to make the experience of co-parenting better.

After his separation, Michael found it a constant challenge to be the best, most present father he could be. The time he wanted to spend focused on his children was instead taken up by tedious documentation, scheduling and preparing for court.  

Why wasn't there an alternative to this time consuming, anxiety producing way co-parents were forced interact?

Enter Fayr.  Our app encompasses the whole range of co-parents needs - financial, documentation, geo pinpointing, scheduling, communication - for the entire time you're co-parenting.

What makes us different?  At Fayr, it's not just about efficiency and ease (though we love those).  We also help you create a better co-parenting experience by providing tools for: constructive communication, argument diffusion, and emotional support.


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