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"My favorite thing about Fayr is that it was created with the whole family in mind.  Separating is a challenging transition for any couple.  When children are involved, it's especially tender and worrisome.  Fayr removes unnecessary stresses and tension so that parents can collaborate to create calm and stability for their children."  
                   -Gwyneth Paltrow
The App for a better co-parenting experience

The app for a better co-parenting experience.

At Fayr, we get it: separation is hard.  

Which is why we are making co-parenting after divorce as painless, transparent and fair as possible.

Developed by a divorced dad to help his family as well as the 55 million separated and co-parenting adults in the US, Fayr will help you communicate constructively, eliminate burdensome legal fees and documentation, and free up your time and resources for what matters most: your children. 


Welcome to the easier,

more enjoyable way to co-parent.


We know the challenges of separating firsthand, so we've made the easy to use, highly efficient tools we know you need.  

Fayr helps you keep track of: expenses, scheduling, messaging and location. Bottom line?  This means less to disagree about, less money spent on lawyers and less time spent in court.

Not only that, Fayr also helps you communicate constructively, diffuse arguments, receive emotional support and discover opportunities to grow as a co-parent.

In short: we've got your back.


Parenting is hard. Fayr makes it easier.

Available for both iPhone and Android