Co-parenting is the

new co-working.

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Everything you need to co-parent is right here in one app.

Fayr's fresh, easy to use interface allows co-parents to effortlessly communicate, create a shared calendar, keep track of expenses and prepare legal documents.  

Most importantly, it allows you to experience co-parenting in a totally new way: simply, inexpensively, transparently, and fairly.

Fayr app's shared calendar



Time-Sharing Calendar

The Calendar feature tracks custody and provides a convenient way to exchange days.  Each parent has the ability to monitor and add special events to their children's schedules.





Keep miscommunication to a minimum using Fayr's built-in messaging interface.  As co-parents, you can now have all communication about your children in one place, including easily accessible records of previous exchanges.





Both parents have the ability to add, categorize and monitor expenses. Notes, images and receipts can be added to each entry for better record keeping and transparency.

Fayr app's geo location capabilites



Geo Location Log

Location check-ins allow a convenient and court verifiable way to document your presence at a GPS-verified location at a precise time and date.

Fayr app's PDF capabilites

Export Reports

Fayr can export all your records into a convenient time and date-stamped PDF when you need documentation for legal matters, saving energy, time and money.