Co-Parenting Wins Today with Jewrine Brown, Founder of the I Win Today Challenge.

Developing an app that would help co-parents communicate respectfully, with clarity, and calmly, without the typical “snark” was no easy feat.  Meeting someone who fell in love with the FAYR app as much as the Founders loved developing it, seemed to be a little too much to ask.

 But it happened. 

 Meet Jewrine Brown, Founder of the I Win Today Challenge.


 What were factors that made you realize you needed a better way of communicating with your co-parent?

 JEWRINE: When you have a relationship that is no longer reconcilable emotionally with another person, your demeanor, or your approach can come off as a tone, or problematic to them. The FAYR app allowed me to have a tone neutral. It allowed me to have a format, that allowed him (my son’s father) to be made aware of everything. 

 I noticed the decline in our son’s confidence and enthusiasm level when he observed his parents interact. Especially when we were required to attend school meetings or speak over the telephone. I wanted to feel more secure when addressing his father in all modes of communication. I noticed our son was uneasy, anxious, and seemed uncertain how to react when he left my home to visit with his father based on our previous difficulties without communicating noticed the need to ensure our son felt comfortable visiting with his father as a consistent practice. I also determined our son required the emotional security that his father would remain engaged and I would provide a supportive role. As a mother, I began to seek a higher level of inner healing in my own life. I was determined to develop a concise message that required a greater level of emotional clarity to focus on our son’s best interest.  

 How did you locate the FAYR app, and what has it done to improve your communication skills and overall co-parenting situation?

 JEWRINE: I located FAYR while searching online. I was captivated by your simple design. I assumed the cost would be affordable as a result of the simple design – I was right.  I love all the features of the FAYR app. If I had to pick one specific feature, it would be the ability to text my son’s father in one central location. I enjoy the feature very much, it’s easy to use. The app kind of gave us a feeling that we were doing this for our sons best interest, not something that was causing aggravation, it was made for us.

 I have noticed an increase in my son’s father’s moral level towards me as an individual-specifically his ability to communicate freely towards me. I have directly benefited from the use of the FAYR app because it reduced unwanted stress, clarified expectations and increased morale within our blended family. I have been a single parent for several years. I wish this app existed during the darkest places in my life. I realize one of the most difficult aspects of life is parenting. I was unable, on several occasions, to demonstrate the emotional clarity required to address my own needs in the midst of the greatest letdown in my personal life, my marriage. I plan to encourage others to utilize this app to save heartache, eliminate shame, and reduce depression. I am thrilled that the app has allowed my son’s father to become the type of man that he has been trying to become. FAYR gave us a feeling that we are doing this for our son's best interest.

We are so excited to hear about your I WIN TODAY Challenge. Are you able to tell us more about what it is?

 JEWRINEI Win Today was developed solely with the mindset of what I can do to help others, and was created because of FAYR. Coming from a broken home, no father and overcoming poverty by completing my educational goals.  I still found enough resilience inside myself to put my kids first, and communicate with clarity, respect, and dignity. I hope this challenge will help encourage somebody else.

 I Win Today is being pushed out in my community as a social awareness message, because I was so impressed with the seamless effort the FAYR app made in my personal and professional life, I would like others to benefit. As a parent, I was unable to find a way to manage the emotional baggage that manifested from the break-up. It was damaging to me as a Professional Counselor, which required attending counseling as a family to ensure we were healed and remained emotionally healthy moving forward. 

 I was successful, but required a higher level of inner healing in order to realize my emotional well-being was needed to lead our son with clarity and focus. I am hoping the I Win Today Challenge will encourage others to utilize the app in order to reduce stress, increase positive communication techniques, and reduce depression. I hope the challenge will inspire others to remain emotionally resilient, focused and prepared for court or other meetings that require documentation to secure a positive outcome in their circumstance. 

 No matter what you are going through, you will see a win. It’s going to take the focus off the pain, and away from the children, and put the mindset on the parents to be the bigger person.

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Jewrine Brown is the proud parent of two boys. She resides in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where she considers herself as  “Your Down to Earth Counselor” and the Creator of the “I Win Today Challenge.” Jewrine is a humble advocate, who is understanding and compassionate towards others as a result of rising above her own hardships and socioeconomic struggles. She has been a dedicated professional in the mental health industry for over 13 years, and has extensive experience with a variety of client demographics. I personally understand the value in learning how to love yourself and others in life. Everyone has been let down in life. It's the best time to build your faith. Once you are able to comprehend the vast amounts of knowledge life has invested in you, the need to reach your goals will become a mission.  It's okay, your plans don't always work out as planned because failures are lessons to increase your capacity to pour back into other's in life. What are you willing to sacrifice to learn correct? | YOUR DOWN TO EARTH COUNSELOR | 910-574-3487


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